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Parent's Guide to Little League
How are Regular Season Teams Formed?

T-Ball, Single A and Double A

We generally try to accommodate friend and coach requests. Teams are generally grouped by similar elementary schools.  Please mark your requests via the online registration form.

Minors and Majors

Per Little League rules, we will not accept coaching and/or player requests. Teams will be formed in these divisions based on player assessments and Coach draft.  WRLL conducts a redraft every year to create teams for the Minors and Majors division.

The Wilshire Riverside Little League board feels this will give us the best chance of balancing teams and making the division the most competitive and fair as possible.

End of Season Tournament (Double A, Minors and Majors)

Double A Tournament (intra-league) - a more competitive end-of-the season tournament within Wilshire Riverside Little League (WRLL).  This tournament will be arranged by the league and generally runs through the 2 weeks after Memorial Day.

Minors and Majors (inter-league - including Hollywood Rose City, North Portland and Parkside) - The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is our annual end-of-the season event which interlocks with surrounding Little Leagues.  The TOC will be co-arranged among the neighboring Little Leagues and generally runs through the 2 weeks after Memorial Day.

Postseason Team Selection (Minors, Majors and 50/70 only)

As a league, Wilshire Riverside Little League (WRLL) strives to make sure that the regular season offers as much opportunity for all players to experience baseball in a fair and equitable manner.  When it comes to All-Star teams, WRLL wants to field the most competitive team it can for the All-Star tournament.

WRLL believes that it is important to include the players in the league in the selection process. All players need to have an opportunity to make the team regardless of: popularity, school affiliation, parental influence, manager prejudice, or because their parent is a WRLL Board Member.

As a result, our process includes player voting to select the first 6 players for the team, the Division managers voting to fill the next three players and the All Star manager to fill the balance of the team. Please take note of the All-Star dates below and if you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact a Board member.

WRLL will field the following teams as allowed by player and manager committment

1) 10-12 Year Old (YO) Little League All Stars (can advance to Williamsport, PA)

2) 9-11 YO Tournament Team (can advance to State Championship)

3) 8-10 YO Tournament Team (can advance to State Championship)

4) 11-13 YO 50/70 Intermediate All Stars (can advance to Livermore, CA)

5) 10-12 YO Honors Team(s) (District Tournament operated by District 4)

6) 8-10 YO Honors Team(s) (District Tournament operated by District 4)

Postseason Tournament play is a serious committment for players and parents.  Please consider your summer vacation/camp schedule regarding this timeline below.  The committment to the team will involve daily practices (up to 2x/day) and weekend scrimmages prior to the Tournament.


May               Player Commitment Letter  signed and returned to Player Agent

        - Player and Coach voting occurs

June 1          - Teams may be announced

Early June   - Postseason teams may began practice

Mid June      - Honors Tournaments (generally after the last day of school)

Late June/Early July (over July 4th) 

                     - District 1 Tournaments for 10-12YO, 9-11YO, and 8-10YO

Middle July  - District 1 Tournament winners advance to State Championship